The AEQUIFIN Platform

Marketplace for litigation funding

AEQUIFIN is an innovative online marketplace for litigation funding. The AEQUIFIN platform provides direct and transparent access to litigation funding. Litigants (private individuals and companies), lawyers and sponsors are connected with each other in order to finance and enforce legal matters - both with and without a financial objective.

AEQUIFIN Quota Balancing

The special feature of the AEQUIFIN platform is the AEQUIFIN Quota Balancing, which is optionally available to platform users for their case. It is a unique bidding process that enables the financing of a case with several sponsors involved. For cases with a financial objective, the AEQUIFIN Quota Balancing establishes a market price (the AEQUIFIN Quota) that ist co-determined by all participants and specifies a uniform participation of the sponsors in the financial success of the case. During the specified period, both the sponsors and the litigants have the opportunity to adjust their offers with regard to the distribution of the litigation proceeds.


The AEQUIFIN Quota shows the variety of motifs of the platform users. The AEQUIFIN Quota can be zero if sponsors simply want to help or clarify a legal issue. The AEQUIFIN Quota can be very high if the litigant wants to enforce his rights despite a high risk.

The AEQUIFIN Quota also applies when a legal matter is resolved through out-of-court settlement or mediation.

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