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AEQUIFIN - The Innovative Marketplace for Litigation Funding

AEQUIFIN is an innovative online marketplace for litigation funding. The AEQUIFIN platform provides direct and transparent access to litigation funding. Litigants (private individuals and companies), lawyers and sponsors are connected with each other to finance and enforce legal matters – with and without a financial objective.

The special feature of the AEQUIFIN platform is the AEQUIFIN Quota Balancing, which is optionally available to platform users for their case. It is a unique bidding process that enables the financing of a case with several sponsors involved. For cases with a financial objective, the AEQUIFIN Quota Balancing establishes a market price (the AEQUIFIN Quota) that ist co-determined by all participants and specifies a uniform participation of the sponsors in the financial success of the case. If no financial objective is pursued, the litigant receives pro bono sponsorships.

Litigation Funding – Benefits for Platform Users

Litigation funding with AEQUIFIN offers a number of advantages:

  • In the event of the successful completion of a sponsorship private individuals and companies can pursue legal matters without financial risk or they can reduce financial risks attached to legal disputes. This can have economic advantages, even if their financial situation does not make financing by third parties absolutely necessary. Further advantages.

  • Lawyers can find sponsors for their existing clients and manage cases that are of personal interest to them. In addition, they have access to new cases without a mandated lawyer. Further advantages.

  • Sponsors can choose whether they want to pursue financial goals or support cases where legal deficits are apparent - sometimes the two goals are identical. Further advantages.


The AEQUIFIN advisory board

Due to the legal structure of AEQUIFIN as a “Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien” (KGaA) – a partnership limited by shares – shareholders can barely exert influence on the management of the AEQUIFIN platform cases. The AEQUIFIN Advisory Board replaces the influence of shareholders and exercises additional control.

Data and privacy protection

Personal data is treated according to the rules of the press law and anonymised at the request of the user. The transfer of names is controlled by the lawyer of the litigants on a case-by-case basis. In a protected data room, sponsors have access to important documents. The litigant’s lawyer can decide when a confidentiality agreement is necessary.

Equal opportunity and fairness

Equal opportunity and fairness in access to justice are important. The AEQUIFIN platform's Terms and Conditions are designed to ensure the highest possible level of financial equal opportunity and fairness in the enforcement of the law.

On the AEQUIFIN platform, preference is to be given to financing cases where legal deficits are apparent.

Ethical guidelines

The rule of law and fundamental rights are of great importance for a functioning society. A fair balance of interests, sustainable economic activity and the preservation of natural living conditions should be supported.

With this in mind, the AEQUIFIN Advisory Board monitors the approval of cases on the AEQUIFIN platform and reserves the right not to approve cases that contradict this.

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