AEQUIFIN Partner Programme

The AEQUIFIN Partner Programme offers you the opportunity to use your expertise on the platform, take advantage of new sales opportunities or expand your customer portfolio. This creates a real win-win situation.

Choose from the following options and contact us.

Introducing Partner

You win users and cases for the platform
  • Activate your own network and attract interesting cases and new users to the platform.
  • Simplified access to the process financing market for your network, your customers or your clients.
  • Possibility to promote legally clarifying processes.

Servicing Partner

You provide commercial and coordinative case support
  • Use commercial, coordinative and economic skills to support a case
  • Use of your special knowledge as required
  • Develop a new channel of distribution for your service (e.g. marketing, PR, expert opinions, factual analysis)

Platform Partner Lawyer

You support cases or sponsors with your specialised know-how
  • You are a specialised lawyer for litigation funding and the use of the AEQUIFIN platform
    • You have the possibility to support lawyers as a consortium lawyer
    • International cooperation
    • Communication towards sponsors
    • Risk management for sponsors
    • Platform know-how
    • Advising clients on litigation funding
    • Support in budgeting and settlement of the case
  • Or you are a partner for the evaluation, selection and composition of sponsorships for sponsors, for asset managers or for funds

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