Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding

Litigation funding is the financing of a legal claim by third parties (in our case "sponsors"). On the platform you can find sponsors who want to support without anything in return or sponsors who want to have a share of the litigation proceeds if legal action is successful.

Risk Management for Litigants

In the event of sponsorship completion a litigant has no financial risk in enforcing his or her legal claim. If the case wins, the litigation proceeds are distributed between the sponsors and the litigant on the basis of the concluded agreements. If the litigant is defeated in the process, the unused sponsorship will be refunded to the sponsors. There is no further obligation on the part of the litigant to reimburse the sponsors.

Users of Litigation Funding

The AEQUIFIN platform provides direct and transparent access to litigation funding. Litigants (private individuals and companies), lawyers and sponsors are connected with each other in order to finance and enforce legal matters - both with and without a financial objective.

A Fair Market Price

The AEQUIFIN Quota Balancing enables the financing of a legal matter with several sponsors. It is a unique bidding process, which is optionally available to platform users for their case. During the specified period, both the sponsors and the litigants have the opportunity to adjust their offers with regard to the distribution of the litigation proceeds. This results in a fair market price.

AEQUIFIN is remunerated for the mediation. An overview of this remuneration structure can be found here.


Natural and legal persons can use the platform. A natural person must be at least 18 years of age and be a citizen of an EU or EFTA member state. In the case of legal entities, use is only possible if the registered office of the company is in the EU or one of the EFTA member states.

The AEQUIFIN Advisory Board

After the case has been prepared by the registered lawyer, the case is examined by the AEQUIFIN Advisory Board in accordance with the AEQUIFIN ethical guidelines before it is published on the platform.

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