Case update: Chaos at Potsdam District Court?

Entitlement to remuneration for share transaction

Once again, the Potsdam Regional Court has postponed the first hearing date. This time from March 14 to June 20, 2024. Note the year - the lawsuit was already filed in November 2022 (!).

How did this new postponement come about? It's hard to believe: the opposing party's statement of defense was submitted on time in February 2023, but neither the judge in charge of the case nor Meike Müller's lawyers were informed of this. The omission only became apparent shortly before March 14 - too short a notice to be able to meet the planned trial date.

The efforts of the law firm Lutz Abel to obtain an earlier date than June 20 have so far been unsuccessful.

As a sponsor of the case, you have access to the case concept with the update by lawyer Frank Wegmann from Lutz Abel. You can also view the statement of defense in the data room for the case. This link will take you directly to the case:

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