Become a Registered Lawyer

For AEQUIFIN, supporting the mandated lawyer is an essential factor for the litigant's success.


  • Simplified, efficient and transparent access to litigation funding
  • Enable case-specific risk management for your client: Mixed financing is also possible for your client (e.g. combination of own funds and sponsoring funds from third parties)
  • Access to new cases without a mandated lawyer
  • Commercial and coordinative support from the preparation of the case to the documentation of the distribution of the litigation proceeds
  • Standardised contracts and procedures
  • Efficient structuring of communication with sponsors
  • Access to and mediation of e.g. experts as well as marketing and PR for the case

Further advantages for lawyers:

  • Fulfillment of the professional obligation to inform the client of process financing opportunities
  • Market expansion and awareness for the case outside of the national market
  • Potential use of media instruments in the search for sponsors and in the management of the legal proceedings
  • Individual configuration of the visibility of the case by the registered lawyer and assurance of confidentiality
  • Discretion for clients by anonymising the cases - even if a crowd is activated
  • Development and management of cases of personal interest to you or your clients - with little financial risk

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